Naar aanleiding van een reportage op Radar over Cholesterol en de lbl waarde die van 2,5 naar 1,8 verschoven is, dit inleidende stukje tekst.


In een lezing van dr John Bergman Saving the Brain over cholesterol:

And I had a medical doctor in here we were talking about cholesterol and I said you know the body is self-healing and self-regulating and cholesterol levels are going to go up and down depending on the need.

Cholesterol is the main component of the brain it's the precursor to every hormone that your body produces.

So if cholesterol was elevated there's a reason there's a purpose behind it.

And this doctor doctors Excuse me Doc that's not exactly true.

The body is not smart all the time. And I'm going wow dude. OK.

I didn't know you could be that stupid and past medical school.

But you know, you know, so.

So think of the theory this you know you've got a sperm hitting an egg, it converts into you know the seven trillion cells I mean your body is amazing itself feeling self-regulating. Genetic memory it's an intelligent design.

And he's saying it's not smart.

Now when you look at the history of autoimmune epidemics we covered that last week at how there's a tremendous amount of diseases where the body is attacking itself. This is a brand new phenomenon with our species. You're not going to see autoimmune diseases in zebra, autoimmune diseases in African elephants, autoimmune diseases in Caribou.

Do you know why?

Because they're living in harmoniously in their environment.

What are we doing? Is it genetics or are you just genetically defective. Being a human.

Well if you are then you're more genetically defective.

Being an American human because you're the second species on the planet do we not have enough vaccines. True, seventy two doses of 17 vaccines by the time you're 18 might not be enough.

You know, I don't know how your grandparents got along without these medical interventions.




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